Artist's Statement
April 15th
Tapestry/ Leaves,Water,Mud
Two Dancers
Sunday Morning Stroll
The Curtis J.
Reflection, GreenPond Mountain
On a Hilltop Overlooking The Berkshires
Fallen Leaves (Minuet)
The Sky Below
Postcards From Newport
Storm King Meadow
"Mildred" in the Garden
"Garden State Vignettes"
Storm King Duet
Full Moon...First Snow
Pastels 2013
Pastels 2013 (cont.)
Appalachian Trail (Vernon)
Storm Break (Milford,PA)
Gull's World & August
Eastern Wind (Sandy Point)
Maine Channel
The New Neighbor
Family Of Animals
Block Island Pasture & Looking Back
Five Sisters
Ocean View,Block Island
Storm King II & The Sentry
Queen Anne's Lace
 Good News & Architecture
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                            A WINDOW TO THE NATURAL WORLD

"As a writer uses words, so does the Visual Artist use images; documenting and commenting on the Natural World, Life Experience and the Human Condition. My small part in this Journalistic Task is uncomplicated and direct. Through my paintings and drawings, I present the Natural Environment, sometimes by itself and sometimes in harmony with a man-made object or structure. Everyday Life is often hectic; though we find some time to "Look", we often fail to "See" and to become fully aware of our surroundings. This is where the Artist steps in, capturing a small part of the Environment that we all share; allowing us to contemplate at our Leisure. 

I cannot imagine any aspect of the Natural World that doesn't capture my interest through its color, shape, pattern or form. Sometimes it's just a "feeling" or "mood" that a specific location will evoke. Often I will want to take in the whole scene; other times, to focus in on a small detail. Whether working from locations close to Home or from favorite spots up and down the Eastern Seaboard, I strive to record the Essence of a scene as well as my Emotional Experience, and to share these with the Viewer."

Now adding Acrylic Paintings to his repertoire of Colored Pencil Drawings, and Watercolors, William A. Davies presents landscape works of scenes from New Jersey, New York State, Pennsylvania and New England. In these recent drawings and paintings, William evokes the Spirit of the "Hudson River School", as well as that of American Regionalist Painters such as Grant Wood and Andrew Wyeth. Seeming at first to be very traditional works due to the high level of detail, a closer look reveals modern aspects in composition and color techniques. Although all subject matter in his work is taken from  specific locations, they tend to remind the Viewer of places that are quite familiar to us all. William's Art creates a very personal and passionate window through which we can view the Natural World.